Number One Complaint about Realtors “Communication”

Number One Complaint about Realtors “Communication”

The number one complaint the public has of Real Estate Agents is communication. This can be something as simple as not giving the customer feedback after an open house. It can be something more serious like not making a buyer aware of the covenants in an HOA. As a Real Estate Agent there are some things you absolutely must communicate. If you know of a problem with the property (roof that leaks) you have an obligation to disclose it. A good Real Estate Agent will communicate everything they know about the property to a potential buyer or seller. We have an obligation to share as much information as possible so the buyers or sellers can make the best decision.

Documents You Should Request

  • Comparative Market Analysis showing what similar homes in the neighborhood have sold for.
  • HOA documents if the property is located in a community that has a Homeowners Association.
  • MLS listing of the property, because this document has a lot of information on the property.
  • A copy of the County Property Appraisers report which gives you a history of the property including sales of the property, permits issued, and an appraised value for tax purposes.
  • A seller’s disclosure where the seller in writing fills out a form concerning the condition of the property and known issues with the property.
  • Property Tax Report lets you know if the taxes have been paid in previous years and also what the sellers current property taxes are. You should not use this as a basis for your taxes if you buy the property.
  • The properties status if in a flood plain, because this will impact your insurance rate.
  • Pre- Approval letter or proof of funds for buyers, because if I’m representing a seller, I want to see proof of the buyer’s ability to purchase the property.
  • Future Zoning plans for large vacant pieces of land near the property listed for sale. Buyers have a right to know if anything is being planned for vacant land close to the house they’re contemplating on buying.
  • Affiliated Business Disclosure. It lets you know if the brokerage company you’re dealing with has any financial interest in insurance, title, home warranty, home inspection, or lender companies.
  • Home Inspection Report will give you a comprehensive report of the condition of the home.
In closing Real Estate Agents deal with people from varied backgrounds. Who all have different communication preferences? The only way to know this is to ask them in the very beginning. “How would you like me to communicate with you.” I have people who love to text, others use the phone, many busy people want email, in person, mail, and even messenger through social media. Real Estate Agents must be comfortable with all manner of communication. I hope you find this information useful.

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